As part of GI – Glasgow’s biennial festival of visual art – this weekend at Tramway you can take part in a unique film-theater-visual art collaboration featuring one of DigiCult’s most experienced alumni, Graham Eatough (Lament 2003, Missing 2007).

Funded by Creative Scotland, The Making of Us is a cross-media, cross-platform  collaboration between film/theatre writer-director Graham, visual artist Graham Fagen and director of photography Michael McDonough (Winter’s Bone), managed and staged at Tramway by another DigiCult alumni, veteran Scottish producer Angela Murray (Room for The Night, 2002).

For an insight into the thinking behind the project, watch this video. And for tickets, contact Tramway direct. There’s a limited number of performances over the weekend – Friday 20th (8pm), Saturday 21st (3pm, 8pm) and Sunday 22nd (8pm). Tickets are free but need to be booked in advance (with returnable deposit of £5).

As part of the audience for Making of Us, you will become part of the film resulting from the weekend’s live performance.

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