Scottish Film Talent Network

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Scottish Film Talent Network

Supported by Creative Scotland and Creative Skillset and in partnership with BFI NET.WORK, SFTN will discover, nurture and advance new and emerging filmmaking talent across Scotland.

This innovative programme provides a clear ladder of progression from shorts to first feature, offering significant support for individual film projects and personal skills development.

SFTN’s core activities will provide opportunities for all levels of new and emerging talent, from those looking to secure their first short film commission, to those almost ready to start seeking finance on their first feature.


No Place Like Home (Cat Bruce, 2015)


About the Scottish Film Talent Network

The Scottish Film Talent Network consortium has been awarded the contract by Creative Scotland to deliver the Scottish element of the BFI NET.WORK.

The BFI NET.WORK is connecting the UK’s premier film talent development agencies for the first time, bringing together experienced development teams and talent centres to offer hands-on and holistic development opportunities for promising UK writers, directors and producers who are yet to make their first feature film.

The SFTN consortium comprises the Centre for the Moving Image (CMI), DigiCult and Hopscotch Films.

Please head to the SFTN website for further information. All enquiries relating to the SFTN should be sent to


Spores (Richard & Frances Poet, 2015)


About the BFI NET.WORK

Across the rest of the UK, the BFI NET.WORK partners include Creative England, Film Agency for Wales and Northern Ireland Screen. Film London will also deliver a number of targeted development programmes in the capital.

Each organisation has executives with specific responsibility for working with new and emerging filmmakers, with the ability to apply resources to script development, short filmmaking and other bespoke development needs. Details of opportunities available to new and emerging talent nationwide can be found on their respective websites:

Creative England 

• Film Agency for Wales 

• Film London is also providing additional support for filmmakers based in the capital.

• Northern Ireland Screen 



The Rat King (Pavel Shepan, 2015)


The NET.WORK Online offers opportunities for new filmmakers to share their work with each other and to industry professionals. The Postroom is where NET.WORK executives meet new talent.

Further information on the BFI NET.WORK can be found here:


Grimm Street (Siri Rodnes, 2015)


Who is the Scottish Film Talent Network for?

The SFTN is aimed at both new and emerging talent based in Scotland.

New talent

As a writer, director or writer/director, NEW means you have some experience in self-funded short films, student films or produced creative work that has not yet attracted financial support from the film industry.

Emerging talent

As a writer, director or producer EMERGENT means you have made funded work that has had some positive attention from the industry and/or public, and who are looking for guidance and support towards making their first feature. In some cases, we may support filmmakers who have made a no/micro/very-low budget, or previously unreleased feature film.

Here are some bullet points to help differentiate between new and emerging talent:

 New talent

• have little or no professional experience.

• have some track record in self-funded films, in student films or in other screen-based or related media (theatre, radio, visual arts etc) but whose work has yet to attract attention and/or significant support from within the film industry.


 Emerging talent

• have already acquired some professional experience.

• have produced work which has already received positive industry and/or public attention.

• have not yet written or directed a produced feature film.

Dave (Garry J. Marshall & Chris Watson, 2015)


SFTN Opportunities

Please head to the SFTN website - to get further information on the range of funding and development opportunities available.


Crowman (Duncan Nicoll, 2015)


Further information

Please forward all SFTN related enquiries to

For updates please follow us on the twitter account -@SFTNetwork or like our Facebook page -


Scottish Shorts Delivered

Festival Premieres for Slate in 2014

“Innovative, fresh and honest like the country they come from …”

In 2012, DigiCult and Hopscotch Films joined forces to develop and produce an exciting slate of shorts with support from Creative Scotland. The initiative draws on the experience of award winning producers John Archer, Carolynne Sinclair Kidd and Paul Welsh.

The slate premieres internationally in 2014, including new work by BAFTA winners Martin Smith and animators Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson.

Exchange and Mart’s world premiere was at Sundance. Next month, it will be competing for the both the Scottish and International Short Film Awards at the Glasgow Short Film Festival. Seagulls’ world premiere and Exchange and Mart’s European premiere will be at Berlinale in February.

Click on the links below to find out more about each film:

As He Lay Falling

Exchange and Mart

Monkey Love Experiments



Scottish Shorts

Call for entries 2012



To fill in the application, you must have Adobe Reader installed:

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Little Red Hoodie (Joern Utkilen 2009)
Producer Carolynne Sinclair Kidd

Scottish Shorts 2012/13 is a new short film development and production initiative for Scottish based producers, writers and directors with the imagination to create thrilling, engaging stories to share with international audiences.

Applications are now open for SS 2012/13, over the next five months Scottish Shorts will develop up to 10 talent teams with short film proposals before commissioning four high quality live action and animated films in early 2013.

Drawing on the experience of producers John Archer, Carolynne Sinclair Kidd and Paul Welsh, the initiative will empower Scottish producers tasked with nurturing unique stories and fresh voices for the screen.

Scottish Shorts is financed by Creative Scotland and is jointly managed by DigiCult and Hopscotch, two Scottish companies with a solid track record in talent development and delivering world class short and long form productions for cinema and television.

SCOTTISH SHORTS call for applications closes 5pm, Friday 12th October, 2012.

For more information on this project please download the Scottish Shorts guidelines and electronic application form on the left hand side of this page. We look forward to reading your submissions.

If you require more information please email

Or call Carolynne Sinclair Kidd at Hopscotch on 0141 440 6740.

“I’m delighted to be working with Creative Scotland and Hopscotch Films on Scottish Shorts 2012. The mix of talent and experience heading-up this programme should be great for emerging filmmakers in Scotland. This should be a stimulating, challenging experience, one aimed squarely at lifting the work to the highest standard and helping position the talent nationally and internationally for future opportunities and success.”

Paul Welsh, Edge City Films / DigiCult

“The Scottish Shorts initiative offers an intense period of development for producers, directors and writers ready to take the next step in their career. We are delighted that three acclaimed producers have committed to developing the stories and voices that will strengthen Scottish film making.”

Caroline Parkinson, Director of Creative Development at Creative Scotland


Incubator Workshop Places Up For Grabs

Do you want to join us?

Incubator kicks-off next week  with DigiCult’s first Story Room workshop in Glasgow.

Hosted by Glasgow Film Theatre and structured over two intensive days (Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th May, 9.30am till late), we will be screening, discussing and analysing short and feature length films with the talent pool of Scottish based writers and writer-directors selected for the year long development and production programme.

As part of DigiCult’s commitment to emerging UK talent, through our supporters at Virgin Media Shorts and Glasgow Film Festival, we’re offering four free places to filmmakers interested in learning more about the craft of story and screenwriting.

DigiCult will feed and water you during the workshop but you will need to get yourself to Glasgow and hustle some accommodation in the city. Friend DigiCult, VMS and Glasgow Film Festival for information on how to grab one of these places. You will need to be fast.

Incubator has been made possible with investment from Creative Scotland.

Incubator 2011

Call for entries



To fill in the application, you must have Adobe Reader installed:

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  • Training in Storytelling for the Screen
  • Screenwriting Shorts & Features
  • Short Film Production


Applications are now open for INCUBATOR, a comprehensive drama development and production programme aimed at Scotland’s finest new and emerging writers and writer/directors.

With investment from Creative Scotland, INCUBATOR aims to foster the next wave of world-class writers and directors in Scotland, on occasion partnering with other UK nations and regions to maximize the resources available for talent nationally.

Following an open call for applications (deadline @ 12 noon 29th April 2011), INCUBATOR will select and develop a talent pool of 12 filmmakers working on short and feature length projects.

Over 10 months (May 2011 – Feb 2012), we will develop and produce three short films and develop six feature length projects (including a minimum of three feature script commissions).

For more information on this project, please download the INCUBATOR guidelines and electronic application form on THIS PAGE (left hand side). We look forward to reading your submission.

‘Creative Scotland looks forward to working in partnership with DigiCult to provide opportunities for Scotland’s emerging screen talent. Programmes such as ‘Incubator’ are crucial in providing the first key steps in the careers of our talented writers, directors and producers. This is a fantastic opportunity for the participants who will develop and produce short films that will later be showcased to international audiences and a chance for them to develop a feature screenplay.’

Caroline Parkinson, Director of Creative Development, Creative Scotland.

INCUBATOR’s supporters include Virgin Media Shorts, Glasgow Film Festival, Screen Hi with individual project support from UK Film Council. INCUBATOR is open to Scottish based talent only. The programme is not open to part or fill time students.