Zachariah Copping, 2006


Developed/ Produced by GMAC as part of the ‘DigiCult Short Film Scheme’ 2002 – 2007

Alistair McIntyre, a sales assistant at a department store in Glasgow, is embarrassed about his past.  He and his sister Cristina grew up in a hippy commune in Spain.  Sixteen years ago after a big row with his parents, he was dumped on a dusty road in Granada.  That was the last time he saw his sister.  He now discovers that she is living in a commune in the Scottish Highlands.  He turns up, with a film crew in tow, and, although she is perfectly happy here, he is determined to save her.

  • Crew

    • Producer / Amber Parsons
    • Executive Producers / Paul Welsh, Caroline Cooper Charles
    • Writer / Zachariah Copping
    • Director of Photography / Minttu Mantynen
    • Editors / Zachariah Copping, John Harper, Anna Mehta
    • Composer / Koshka
    • Production Designer / Mike McLoughlin
  • Cast

    • Alistair / Alan McCafferty
    • Cristina / Vicky Allen
    • Trevor / Duncan Rennie
    • Fiona / Asha Mayan
    • Jonny / Jonathan Greet
  • Festivals & Awards

    • Glasgow Film Festival (2006)
    • Melbourne International Film Festival (2006)
    • Berlin International Film Festival (2006)
    • Leuven International Short Film Festival (2006)
    • London Short Film Festival (2011)