Funded by Creative Scotland and UK Film Council, Zak Copping’s long short ‘Foxy and Marina’ shoots this weekend in Glasgow (Saturday 2nd April, 6 days). A lyrical romance set in the not-so-romantic world of heroin addiction, this original story follows a young boy from Skye as he flirts with the idea of giving-up and returning home to the islands. Killing time on his last day in the city, Foxy (Lorne MacFadyen) visits his dealer where he meets Marina (Pollyanna McIntosh) and falls in love …

Lorne MacFadyen (Foxy, ‘Foxy and Marina’)

Pollyanna McIntosh (Marina, ‘Foxy and Marina’)

‘Foxy and Marina’ was originally developed as one of UK Film Council’s Digital Nation shorts in 2o1o.

The film is being produced by Paul Welsh and Pip Farnese for DigiCult.

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