I Am Beast

Elevated horror set in lowland Scotland. Tormented by the community around him, William Kerr (13) begins to change into a savage beast. As he tries to escape his repressive life, the nature of William’s family slowly begins to emerge.

The Three Bells Murder

A homeless man poses as a private detective as he tries to unravel the death of a friend from the street.


Seagulls by Martin Smith, courtesy of Digicult / Hopscotch

Fourteen-year-old Ryan works the family fair but dreams of escaping this unrewarding life on the road. When his uncle arrives to help the struggling business, Ryan finds an unlikely mentor in Kenny and begins to bond with a gang of local boys. Everything feels possible – especially falling in love – but jealousy soon undermines this new life. A violent attack at the local disco destroys all his new friendships. Trapped in the fair, Ryan cannot bare the isolation. Will a self-inflicted wound finally wake everyone from their apathy?

Martin Smith is the award winning short director of ‘Jimmy’, ‘Liar, ‘Accidents’ and ‘Tracks’. His latest short ‘Seagulls’ explores the characters and world of Shows and premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2014. The film was developed and produced through DigiCult & Hopscotch Films Scottish Shorts 2014, financed by Creative Scotland.